Generate more revenue by publishing sponsored content on your websites and social networks.

We have more than 2,000 registered advertisers including many leading brands in the main business sectors.

Coobis is based on a model that gives its users complete transparency: 70% of revenue goes to the publishers and 30% goes to Coobis.

You don’t need to wait until you reach a certain amount to receive your revenue nor wait til the end of the month: We pay in under a week!


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Register your sites on Coobis

At Coobis you can register all the publishers available to you for the creation Content Marketing campaigns: Websites, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts, etc.
Automatically updated metrics

The metrics of your publishers are automatically calculated on Coobis so that your files are always up-to-date.

Customize your criteria

Coobis allows you to indicate which services you provide and their conditions. You’re in charge!

Manage activities from your own private panel

When a client buys from one of your publishers, we’ll notify you by email. Then, a new order will appear on the panel, allowing you to take the appropriate steps.
Decide which campaigns you do and don’t want

If a brand or product doesn’t fit with your editorial approach, you can refuse the order on your panel.

What people think about us

More than 10,000 publishers user Coobis to generate revenue… Would you like to be the next success story?
Aida Cisneros

Coobis is the best platform for connecting with companies that want to have valuable content published on a well-positioned medium like In addition, its operation and interface are very simple and intuitive, making the platform really easy to use.

Aida Cisneros
Operations Coordiantor at Marketing Directo
Adrian Sancho

We’ve been using Coobis at Cosmopolitan for a few months now, and it really has given us excellent results from the very start.
As a communication media, we’ve been able to monetize content in a very versatile and simple way: by publishing content for different types of advertisers.

Adrian Sancho
Community Manager at Cosmopolitan TV
Natalia Rodriguez

For those who work in the content publishing sector, a platform like Coobis provides us with a brilliant opportunity to find new clients.

Thanks to this platform, we’ve managed to gain a new income stream in an organic and natural way.

Natalia Rodriguez
Content Executive at El Viajero Fisgón

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