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There are tons of ideas for monetising your blog. In fact, because of the content marketing boom, more and more are arising. And that’s no surprise. The content you offer your audience should keep the spark alive between the brand and clients.

Without useful and valuable content, not only won’t you generate engagement, but you won’t manage to position yourself among the top search results in the main search engines. And if you’re seeking ideas fo monetising your blog and want to put them into practice, then you must begin to understand that being visible is essential .

Therefore, one of the best times to put your ideas for monetising your blog into practice is when it already has a following. Ideally, you’ll already have gained a good reach, a significant number of visitors and interactions.

In fact, one of the most common errors is thinking that merely having a blog and publishing a post will generate you income. Like everything else, gaining a return on investment takes work and perseverance. Think about it, who are you going to sell advertising to if you don’t even have a set audience?

The ideal time to think about monetising a digital space is when you meet any of the following requirements:

  • When you get considerable traffic. The ideal figures are around 30,000 to 50,000 monthly visits.
  • Do you have a set audience? It’s vital that your audience visits your blog frequently and they are faithful to your content. Especially when it comes to running a promotion or advertising.
  • Organisation is the foundation for everything. You won’t be able to implement any of your ideas for monetising your blog if you don’t set out a content plan or calendar.
  • Of course, you must have a good positioning in the main search engines.

Why monetise your blog?

Many users start to publish a blog because they think it’s a quick and easy way to earn money. However, those who work in the world of marketing know that it’s not that straightforward. The idea of charging for a blog didn’t just appear out of thin air. There are various reasons why blogging has become another profession that requires maintenance and minimum investments:

  • To start, you’ll need to cover the annual cost of the domain, plugins for the blog and images that go with the rest of the content. It’s true that there are many websites you can use to download photographs without copyright, but sometimes you need to go one step further.
  • In addition, a blogger has to spend plenty of time managing their blog. In fact, behind many of the most well-known teams lies a team of professionals that must also be maintained.
  • To get to the top positions in the main search engines and engage your users, your content must be valuable. And high-quality. This takes a huge effort, which has to be rewarded. It’s normal that at the start you share your knowledge for free. However, sometimes, you need to implement a win-win process.
  • On many occasions paying for external resources or services is necessary if you want to be continue sharing valuable content.

10 ways to make the most of your blog

There are many creative ways to monetise your blog. These are the 10 most common:

1.- Sponsored articles

This technique for monetising your provides a huge opportunity to write posts on different topics. Although, if it is not performed properly, you do run the risk of jeopardizing your credibility.

With regard to this, Coobis provides you with different services and ideas for monetising your blog. It’s a platform that was created to allow all types of media to generate income from writing and publishing content. As well as to spread them throughout social networks.

Still wondering how you can earn money from your blog? Simply sign up at Coobis and start monetizing your posts.

2.- CPM ad networks

CPM ads are similar to PPC ads. However, in this case you pay for the amount of advertisement impressions on your website. In other words, you’ll get an impression from the instant the window opens and a banner is shown on your website.

For example, imagine your blog gets almost 100,000 page visits per month by showing a banner. If your CPM is one euro, you will get €100.
In the first two ideas for monetising your blog, the niche and volume of traffic are important.

However, in CPM campaigns all aspects referring to the banner, like size, position and format, are important.

3.- Affiliate sales

Affiliate sales is one of the most well-known ideas for monetising a blog. It allows you to convert your website into a shop window where other companies can buy directly in exchange for commission. An affiliate sends potential clients to the sales website using banners or sponsored links.

Indeed, if you wish to access good affiliate programmes, the best step you can take is to contact powerful companies and bloggers. Otherwise, you can go for affiliate sales networks. The most highly recommended include: Commission Junctio, ClickBankand Tradedoubler

4.- Advertising with banners

The income you earn from Adsense can be doubled if you keep banners in mind. Had you ever thought of selling ad space? The thing is if you want to do it effectively, one of the best ideas for monetising a blog with a banner is to manage it yourself.

First, because you’ll save on third-party management costs. And second, because you’ll be in charge of setting the rates. However, to develop this strategy your audience needs to be perfectly segmented.

5.- Sponsored links are one of the best ideas for monetising a blog.


This technique will work as long as you include the nofollow tag on your links. And the best bit of these ideas for monetising your blog is that they are very natural.

If you’re seeking platforms to run this strategy, the most well-known are Text Link Ads, Linkicidad and Linklift.

6.- Create an information product


Regardless of the subject matter, you can definitely create some type of information product. An e-book, exclusive access to video content, downloadable podcast content, etc.

The creation of information products is currently one of the most profitable ideas around if you’re seeking to monetise your blog. Think about it: simply launching a complete
product or service on a subject is a very valuable resource for those who want to learn about that topic. And they’ll get access to all types of compiled and organised information to make it more versatile for them. In addition, you’ll get 100% of the earnings from the product you sell.

7.- Freemium

Every day more and more bloggers are daring to try the Freemium model as an alternative to monetising their blogs. As you can imagine, this technique involves providing users with the chance to access exclusive content via a paywall or a monthly fixed fee.

However, as mentioned from the outset, before getting too deep into it, it’s ideal to have already built up a loyal and relevant audience. And to do that, you’ll have to have shared lots of free, high-quality content. If it adds value and is interesting, then that’s when your users will be encouraged to pay to learn more.

8.- There are also private forums.

You’re probably aware of tons of free forums. In fact, you’ll have participated in them in order to establish relationships or attract customers. However, there are also private forums too. Members will have to pay an access fee or monthly charge to interact on them.

However, the value of their comments is fundamental here. As are the response times. It’s a very efficient method for those who are used to participating in these platforms. It might look slightly complicated to earn money in this way. But if you take a look at SEOBook, you’ll find out how it works. Charge your members $300 per month.

These are spaces are evidently where more sensitive information such as tricks, secrets, tool, etc. are shared. If you want to go for this technique, the best thing you can do is seek a strategy that compels your audience to be up-to-date.

9.- Include your sponsors’ highlighted posts


ideas para monetizar un blog: Techmeme

Techmeme knows just how to do it. If you focus, you’ll see top news on the left, while in the middle you´ll notice the “Sponsor posts” section.
This site highlights advertiser posts, sending them high quality traffic. If your blog has a set and loyal audience you should try out this option as very few people are making the most out of it.

10.- Adsense


One of the most common ideas for monetising your blog is to put it into the capable hands of Google AdSense. Its operation is simple. You just have to register and paste the codes on to your website. Then the system will tell you which content is important and will earn you money for each click the notification gets.

In addition to Google AdSense, networks like Impresiones Web or Yahoo can also do the same job. With this in mind, the factors that will determine your income are as follows:

  • The market niche you’re aiming for.
  • The volume of traffic.
  • The percentage of organic traffic.
  • The click-through-rate percentage on the page.
  • CPC.

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