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Marketing on Facebook is far from a novelty. While other social networks are investing time in attempting to adopt new trends, Facebook is always one step ahead. Give everyone a surprise with an update to your own services, which will generate new opportunities for brands and advertisers.

The platform, which has become Google’s main competitor in terms of advertising, is the ideal platform for marketing. But it’s not just that; its multiple characteristics and features help companies in many other ways.

For the more than 1.86 million active monthly users of the platform, navigating using the feed and getting up to date with the latest Facebook news is simple and intuitive.

However, managers of social media platforms and brands that manage fan pages do a lot of behind-the-scenes work. There is so much competition and plenty of details to take care of. This gives rise to small challenges and constant adaptation to new features to make Facebook marketing effective.

Who has the last word? The users, of course.


marketing en Facebook

Users have already expressed their opinions about the brands on social media, confirming that there are certain features that are more appealing.

So, before finding out the features you should use for marketing on Facebook, it’s advisable to identify what users want from the brands on this platform:

  • The brand personality is the factor connecting your products and consumers. It reflects what you represent. Each and every one of your marketing efforts must follow that creative line. When it comes to marketing on Facebook, users like brands that show their personality.
  • Are you thinking of constantly talking about your products? That’s a mistake. Two thirds of users think its a good idea for brands to speak about international cultural events.
  • 51% of users said that they would not follow a brand that was annoying on social networks. And, as a result, 23% would never buy anything from them. Therefore, it’s good to include a bit of humor in your marketing on Facebook, but try to keep a good balance and not come across as irritating.
  • 46% of users feel influenced by promotions and competitions and 42% ensure that they would carry out a conversion after consuming educational content.

These are just some of the statistics that demonstrate that marketing on Facebook is the primary aim of many people. IAB Spain already announced that 81% of users use Facebook to follow brands. So, if you’re not going to do marketing on Facebook, where will you do it?

Features of Marketing on Facebook


Are you still wondering why Facebook is ideal for marketing? Here are some features that make Facebook an interesting channel for your brand:

  • It’s a bidirectional channel. Content dynamics encourage communication among users. Recipients become senders and broadcasters of information when they are encouraged.
  • Massive. This social network has the most active users in the world.
    Instant. You can reach a wide audience in a matter of seconds.
  • Participatory. The social network itself encourages users to interact with likes, downloads and sharing options.
  • Mobile. The fact that you can reach your potential clients no matter where they are opens up many business opportunities.
  • Measurable. Facebook statistics are a very useful and powerful tool for determining how your campaigns are performing.
    With all types of content. When it comes to marketing on Facebook, it is vital to make use of various types of content. The platform allows you to include text, photos, graphics, audio, videos, etc.
  • Eco-friendly. If you develop digital strategies you aren’t just optimizing your company’s resources; you’re also contributing to the environment.

With all these features taken into account, Facebook has many other which you should make the most of:

1.- Facebook Messenger

marketing en Facebook

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service that allows you to have private conversations. When it comes to marketing, this tool is being used in relation to chatbots.

It is one of the top tools used to improve customer experience, providing the client with increasingly higher quality services and accuracy. Keep in mind that conversations are all part of the sales process. Chatbots are systems designed to automatically simulate human conversations. So they are ideal if you want motivate your client to perform the final conversion.

In fact, here are some of the advantages of marketing on Facebook with this tool:

  1. The public is open to influence.
  2. A study carried out by Reach One confirms that 64% of clients prefer written solutions over calling customer service.
  3. They may help your clients at time of the day.
  4. You can set them up so it seems like the client is dealing with humans.
  5. They are vital where cookies are concerned. They will track who is interacting with your brand.

2.- Facebook Stories


If you already have an audience on Facebook, why not use all the features the platform offers? If you want to use stories to do marketing
on Facebook, then take a few of these ideas on board:

  1. Use stories to show some of your products and explain how they work. If you can prove that they really do what they say, then you’ll earn points.
  2. Share tips and demonstrate that you’re an expert in your sector.
  3. You can use it to learn more about your audience. Ask your audience to give you their ideas and perceptions about your brand. As it is a private messaging channel, you’ve a higher chance of receiving feedback.
  4. Take advantage of this tool to launch exclusive offers to your followers.
  5. Share images of your followers with your products in your stories. It’s a good idea to create a hashtag to allow you to see what people are saying about your brand. This will help you to increase engagement with your audience.

3.- Marketplace


Facebook is a place where conversation is constantly happening. And very often the subject of these conversations is products. However, users don’t just go to the platform to talk to each other; it’s a place where they go to purchase too. This is exactly why brands find a number of potential clients on the social network.

Facebook currently provides a direct sales channel with its Facebook Marketplace app. Marketplace allows you to discover items for sale near you or put your own articles up for sale in just a few clicks.

The interface shows all products for sale sorted by distance, but also provides the option to filter by category, price or search term.

4.- Save button


marketing en Facebook

As you can see, there are multiple ways to do marketing on Facebook. However, it is also important to know how to use its features to do digital marketing across all channels.

The save button is useful, so as you don’t miss out on anything that is going on. On more than one occasion you’ve probably seen interesting articles and posts that you’d like to read, but time is not on your side.

Or perhaps you need to compile some ideas because you don’t know what content to share. The fact that all users are on the most popular social network every day means new content is constantly being created. And it is shared.

This means the likelihood of you finding publications that interest you is growing. That’s exactly why you should save them and resort to them when you’re in need of a creative push. And don’t forget to ask users to save your publications.

5.- Marketing on Facebook with Ads

marketing en Facebook

This social network has become one of the most important channels for brands when it comes to marketing. That’s if you’ve learned to create a campaign and structure it properly. You’re up-to-date with the tool’s advertising formats, you know how to run a competition and you even know how to make the most of Facebook Stories in your strategies. Then you’ll already have gained a lot of ground. Not to mention Facebook Lead Ads.

It’s good to learn to optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns so you can launch totally segmented advertising. In addition, the Facebook Pixel is a powerful marketing tool for any campaign. If you master these tools for generating good Ad campaigns, then marketing on Facebook will help you hit your targets…

6.- Learn how to position your Fan Page


It is widely believed that to do marketing on Facebook, you must advertise. However, as you’ve already seen, tools like chatbots are plugins that help to establish rapport with clients. Whether they are buying or not. I.e., their job is to provide customer support.

In this case, positioning your Fan Page is something you should not ignore. It’s not about creating advertising pieces or promoting your offers. However, it does affect your positioning. A proper content plan will allow you to create those all important, organic publications so that your users want to learn more about your brand.

In addition, when you start to make well segmented Facebook Ad campaigns, having a fan page will give your users more confidence. And this will be vital if you want to make the most of your campaigns.

And don’t forget, if you want to gain visibility, you can always do Facebook marketing with the help of people who “live” on the platform. Would you like to find influencers who help to advertise your value proposition?

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