1.- What is Coobis?

Coobis is a  Content Marketing  platform with which Advertisers can generate content, disseminate it on the Coobis registered publishers, and amplify it through influencers' social media profiles. 

The Coobis marketplace includes over 9,000 publishers and influencers. Our partners are classified by vertical, traffic, SEO authority, influence and followers on social media. 

Coobis make choosing influencers and publishers and easy task: you can easily filter our partners by a variety of variables in order to select the ones that offer the best value for your brand. 

There is no doubt that  Content Marketing has become a key element of every online marketing strategy . In this context, Coobis is the perfect tool to help Brands with their branded content and influencer strategies.

Publisher's directory
Our directory allows Advertisers to filter and select Publishers

2.- What services can Advertisers find on Coobis?

Publishers registered in Coobis offer advertisers’ a variety of services aimed at boosting reputation, traffic and influence.
All these services can be grouped into three categories of “actions”:


This category embraces content generation services for the Advertisers to use on their own channels.

  • Copywrite a short article (500 words)
  • Copywrite a long article (1.000 words)
  • Writing a white paper


This category embraces all content publishing services on those Publishers registered in Coobis.

  • Publish an article written by the brand
  • Publish an article written by the publisher


This category embraces the services through which influencers registered in Coobis publish brand content.

  • Mentions on Twitter
  • Posts on Facebook
  • Special actions on other networks

3.- Service Modalities


Coobis offers a platform for Advertisers to manage their Content Marketing campaigns on their own.

This platform allows you to search and select Publishers, book their services and finally, validate the deliveries. In addition, all these actions are performed through a simple and intuitive interface.


For those Advertisers that want a full management of Content Marketing campaigns, Coobis offers a special service of consultancy and execution of campaigns.

This service includes the definition of a Content Marketing strategy, its implementation, measurement and reporting.